Pushing boundaries for a cruelty free world



Welcome at my most ambitious project ever, lovingly dubbed ‘The Ultra Endeavour‘! It combines my passion for sports, for pushing boundaries and for nature to raise awareness for a world without cruelty towards the animals with whom we share this planet. How? I will

  • train passionately for long mountain trail runs and share my experiences,
  • show that such a feat can be achieved on a predominantly plant based diet,
  • travel to and volunteer for animal refuges abroad and share those experiences as well,
  • put a spot on the (far) horizon to run a beautiful but demanding 100+ km ultra trail to raise money to safe lives of abused, neglected and discarded animals.

But before asking others to support me, I’ll put in the effort myself. This is going to be a multi year project. I may be sporty and fit, but it will take time and discipline to build up to a 100+ kilometer ultra marathon in a healthy, responsible way and run a competitive time. Interested? Follow my adventure here!

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